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Revitalizing homes, communities, and families while preserving our environment thru solar energy.

At SunChoice USA we believe that you are not a customer, but a member of our family.

Solar Panel Installer

SunChoice USA is a solar sales/consulting company partnered with the top-rated solar installation provider in the country.

Our installers are licensed, bonded, insured and certified with over 20 years of experience in the solar industry.

SunChoice USA warranties the products we install. Through our solar energy freedom program, we can provide additional services such as roofs, window, door, HVAC, shade, parking and patio structure audits, as well as many more home improvement projects to give you peace of mind from increasing utility costs.


Customers WIN When They Have a Choice!

We’re committed to the technologies that drive energy efficiency.

Such an amazing experience! Customer service was top notch. They handled absolutely everything and the install turned out amazing!

Jeff Fabian

I love their service. I don't have an electric bill, no money down, and it comes with a battery system so if the electric power goes down you still have power at night. I love it and I can never go back to paying an electric company that I will never own. I can own my solar panels and battery system.

Brandon Fuller

Everything from sales to permitting to install was smooth & clear. Unbeatable pricing and quality of products. Thank You!

Mike P

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